We are here for all your carpet, tile and grout and upholstery cleaning needs

Carpet cleaning:

Your carpets are an investment that enhances the decor of your home or business. Proper care can lead to a lifelong use.

For the health of you, your family or your staff and for the longevity of the rugs, vacuum them regularly to remove dust, dirt, mites and other debris. However vacuuming can go only so far toward cleaning a rug, often leaving debris deep down between the fibers.

It is recommended that rugs be professionally cleaned at least once a year, more often if there are pets, allergies or heavy foot traffic.

At the Ultimate Carpet Care we use steam cleaning method to clean your carpets. That is also known as a hot water extraction. In this process, hot water is heated to a boiling temperature and injected into the carpet under pressure. The hot water effectively loosens the dirt, and the carpet-cleaning machine immediately draws moisture and dirt away. In addition to cleaning the carpet, the heat of the steam cleaning is effective in removing allergens, odors, killing bacteria and dust mites. 

Tile and grout cleaning:

Many homes and businesses feature tile floors because tile is attractive and more durable than other flooring options. We know that in order to maintain the appearance of tile flooring, it is important to keep ot clean. At the Ultimate Carpet Care we use professional tools and methods to keep it clean and disinfect stained floors.